Mesa 9.1.4 Release Notes / July 1st, 2013

Mesa 9.1.4 is a bug fix release which fixes bugs found since the 9.1.3 release.

Mesa 9.1 implements the OpenGL 3.1 API, but the version reported by glGetString(GL_VERSION) or glGetIntegerv(GL_MAJOR_VERSION) / glGetIntegerv(GL_MINOR_VERSION) depends on the particular driver being used. Some drivers don’t support all the features required in OpenGL 3.1. OpenGL 3.1 is only available if requested at context creation because GL_ARB_compatibility is not supported.

MD5 checksums

a2c4e25d0e27918bc67f61bae04d0cb8  MesaLib-9.1.4.tar.bz2
8c7e9ce5b05cb2223f0587396dd9dc08  MesaLib-9.1.4.tar.gz

New features


Bug fixes

This list is likely incomplete.

  • Bug 37871 - [bisected i965] Bus error (core dumped) on oglc texdecaltile

  • Bug 42182 - egl/opengles1/tri_x11 renders wrong

  • Bug 44958 - [SNB IVB HSW] mesa demo test texleak bus error

  • Bug 53494 - [snb] crash in texsubimage to a large atlas in clutter

  • Bug 60518 - glDrawElements segfault when compiled into display list

  • Bug 61821 - src/mesa/drivers/dri/common/xmlpool.h:96:29: fatal error: xmlpool/options.h

  • Bug 63520 - r300g regression (RV380): Strange rendering of light sources in Penumbra (bisected)

  • Bug 63701 - [HSW] support new haswell graphics [8086:0a2e]

  • Bug 64727 - [gm45, bisected] some piglit glsl 1.10 built-in-functions tests crash

  • Bug 64745 - [llvmpipe] SIGSEGV src/gallium/state_trackers/glx/xlib/glx_api.c:1374

  • Bug 64934 - [llvmpipe] SIGSEGV src/gallium/state_trackers/glx/xlib/glx_api.c:1363

  • Bug 65173 - segfault in _mesa_get_format_datatype and _mesa_get_color_read_type when state dumping with glretrace


The full set of changes can be viewed by using the following GIT command:

git log mesa-9.1.3..mesa-9.1.4

Alan Coopersmith (2):

  • integer overflow in XF86DRIOpenConnection() [CVE-2013-1993 1/2]

  • integer overflow in XF86DRIGetClientDriverName() [CVE-2013-1993 2/2]

Alex Deucher (3):

  • radeonsi: add support for hainan chips

  • radeonsi: add Hainan pci ids

  • winsys/radeon: add env var to disable VM on Cayman/Trinity


Andreas Boll (1):

  • glapi: Add some missing static_dispatch=”false” annotations to es_EXT.xml

Anuj Phogat (1):

  • intel: Add a null pointer check before dereferencing the pointer

Armin K (1):

  • gallivm: Fix build with LLVM 3.3

Brian Paul (9):

  • mesa: fix the compressed TexSubImage size checking code

  • st/mesa: generate GL_OUT_OF_MEMORY if we can’t create the index buffer

  • mesa: fix error checking of DXT sRGB formats in _mesa_base_tex_format()

  • st/glx/xlib: check for null ctx pointer in glXIsDirect()

  • xlib: check for null ctx pointer in glXIsDirect()

  • st/glx: add null ctx check in glXDestroyContext()

  • xlib: add null ctx check in glXDestroyContext()

  • meta: move vertex array enables for mipmap generation

  • mesa: handle missing read buffer in _mesa_get_color_read_format/type()

Bryan Cain (1):

  • nv50: initialize kick_notify callback in nv50_create

Chad Versace (3):

  • egl/android: Fix error condition for EGL_ANDROID_image_native_buffer

  • i965: Fix glColorPointer(GL_FIXED)

  • intel: Return early if miptree allocation fails

Chia-I Wu (1):

  • u_vbuf: fix index buffer leak

Chris Forbes (8):

  • mesa: add accessor for effective stencil ref

  • intel: Use accessor for stencil reference values

  • nouveau: Use accessor for stencil reference values

  • radeon: Use accessor for stencil reference values

  • st: Use accessor for stencil reference values

  • swrast: Use accessor for stencil reference values

  • mesa: Stop clamping stencil reference value at specification time

  • mesa: Use accessor for stencil reference values in glGet

Chí-Thanh Christopher Nguyễn (1):

  • targets/dri-i915: Force c++ linker in all cases

Daniel Martin (1):

  • Fix build of swrast only without libdrm

Dave Airlie (1):

  • i965: fix problem with constant out of bounds access (v3)

Eric Anholt (10):

  • mesa: Make core Mesa allocate the texture renderbuffer wrapper.

  • mesa: Make gl_renderbuffers backed by EGL images use FinishRenderTexture.

  • i965/fs: Bake regs_written into the IR instead of recomputing it later.

  • i965/vs: Fix implied_mrf_writes() for integer division pre-gen6.

  • intel: Add support for writing to our linear-temporary-CPU-map case.

  • intel: Do temporary CPU maps of textures that are too big to GTT map.

  • intel: Avoid making tiled miptrees we won’t be able to blit.

  • intel: Fix MRT handling of glBitmap().

  • intel: Fix format handling of blit glBitmap()

  • i965: Shut up the last release build warning.

Fabian Bieler (2):

  • mesa/st: Don’t copy propagate from swizzles.

  • mesa/program: Don’t copy propagate from swizzles.

Frank Henigman (1):

  • intel: initialize fs_visitor::params_remap in constructor

Ian Romanick (2):

  • docs: Add 9.1.3 release md5sums

  • mesa: Bump version to 9.1.4

José Fonseca (1):

  • scons: Fix implicit python dependency discovery on Windows.

Kenneth Graunke (17):

  • mesa: Add i965 varying index patches to .cherry-ignore.

  • i965: Turn brw->urb.vs_size and gs_size into local variables.

  • i965: Use a variable for the push constant size in kB.

  • i965: Update URB partitioning code for Haswell’s GT3 variant.

  • i965: Add chipset limits for the Haswell GT3 variant.

  • i965: Enable the Bay Trail platform.

  • mesa: Add a reverted commit to cherry-ignore.

  • vbo: Ignore PRIMITIVE_RESTART_FIXED_INDEX for glDrawArrays().

  • mesa: Add a helper function for determining the restart index.

  • vbo: Use the new primitive restart index helper function.

  • i965: Use the correct restart index for fixed index mode on Haswell.

  • mesa: Cherry-ignore a patch that got picked but squashed.

  • i965: Fix can_cut_index_handle_restart_index() for byte/short types.

  • st/mesa: Go back to using ctx->Array.RestartIndex, not _RestartIndex.

  • mesa: Ignore fixed-index primitive restart in ArrayElement().

  • mesa: Delete the ctx->Array._RestartIndex derived state.

  • glsl: Bail on parsing if the #version directive is bogus.

Lauri Kasanen (1):

  • r600g: Correctly initialize the shader key, v2

Maarten Lankhorst (4):

  • nvc0: fix up video buffer alignment requirements

  • nvc0: kill assert in ppp code

  • nvc0: set rsvd_kick correctly

  • nvc0: allow frame dropping in h264

Marek Olšák (7):

  • radeonsi: increase array size for shader inputs and outputs

  • vbo: fix possible use-after-free segfault after a VAO is deleted

  • glsl: fix the value of gl_MaxFragmentUniformVectors

  • st/mesa: initialize all program constants and UBO limits

  • st/mesa: initialize Const.MaxColorAttachments

  • st/mesa: fix a couple of issues in st_bind_ubos

  • mesa: declare UniformBufferBindings as an array with a static size

Matt Turner (3):

  • Remove redundant checks of enable_dri.

  • Build dricommon for DRI gallium drivers

  • i965: NULL check depth_mt to quiet static analysis.

Michel Dänzer (3):

  • radeonsi: Fix handling of TGSI_SEMANTIC_PSIZE

  • radeonsi: Fix user clip planes

  • mesa: Note that two radeonsi fixes cannot be backported after all

Mike Stroyan (1):

  • Build dricommon for gallium swrast

Naohiro Aota (1):

  • xmlpool/build: Make sure to set mo properly

Paul Berry (2):

  • glsl: Fix error checking on “flat” keyword to match GLSL ES 3.00, GLSL 1.50.

  • i965/gen7.5: Allow HW primitive restart for all primitive types.

Paulo Zanoni (1):

  • i965: make GT3 machines work as GT3 instead of GT2

Rodrigo Vivi (2):

  • i965: Add missing Haswell GT3 Desktop to IS_HSW_GT3 check.

  • i965: Adding more reserved PCI IDs for Haswell.

Roland Scheidegger (1):

  • gallivm: fix out-of-bounds access with mirror_clamp_to_edge address mode

Stéphane Marchesin (2):

  • st/xlib: Fix upside down coordinates for CopySubBuffer

  • st/xlib: Flush the front buffer before doing CopySubBuffer

Sven Joachim (1):

  • mesa: Fix ieee fp on Alpha

Tapani Pälli (1):

  • mesa: fix type comparison errors in sub-texture error checking code

Tom Stellard (2):

  • gallivm: Fix build with LLVM >= r180063

  • r300g/compiler: Prevent regalloc from swizzling texture operands v2

Vinson Lee (1):

  • radeon: Initialize variables in radeon_llvm_context_init.