Mesa 24.0.2 Release Notes / 2024-02-28

Mesa 24.0.2 is a bug fix release which fixes bugs found since the 24.0.1 release.

Mesa 24.0.2 implements the OpenGL 4.6 API, but the version reported by glGetString(GL_VERSION) or glGetIntegerv(GL_MAJOR_VERSION) / glGetIntegerv(GL_MINOR_VERSION) depends on the particular driver being used. Some drivers don’t support all the features required in OpenGL 4.6. OpenGL 4.6 is only available if requested at context creation. Compatibility contexts may report a lower version depending on each driver.

Mesa 24.0.2 implements the Vulkan 1.3 API, but the version reported by the apiVersion property of the VkPhysicalDeviceProperties struct depends on the particular driver being used.

SHA256 checksum

94e28a8edad06d8ed2b83eb53f253b9eb5aa62c3080f939702e1b3039b56c9e8  mesa-24.0.2.tar.xz

New features

  • None

Bug fixes

  • KHR-Single-GL46.arrays_of_arrays_gl.AtomicUsage fails on MTL

  • GTF-GL46.gtf42.GL3Tests.texture_storage.texture_storage_texture_as_framebuffer_attachment fails on MTL

  • [intel][anv][build][regression] - genX_grl.h:27:10: fatal error: grl/grl_cl_kernel.h: No such file or directory

  • RX 6600 VDPAU not recognizing HEVC_MAIN_10 correctly

  • Running an app on another AMD GPU (offload, DRI_PRIME) produces corrupted frames on Wayland.

  • VDPAU declares a texture as “immutable” without also setting its ImmutableLevels attribute.

  • RX6600 hardware HEVC video decode fails for VDPAU but works for VA-API. (Can lock up GPU!)

  • Rusticl panics when getting program build logs using opencl.hpp

  • ue5 game issues lighting Rog Ally 7080u (z1e)

  • Missing textures in RoboCop: Rogue City with mesh shaders enabled

  • radv: Multiview PSO forgets to export layer in some cases.

  • zink: flickering artifacts in Selaco


Boyuan Zhang (1):

  • radeonsi/vcn: only use multi slices reflist when available

Chia-I Wu (1):

  • radv: fix pipeline stats mask

Chris Rankin (2):

  • vdpau: Declare texture object as immutable using helper function.

  • vdpau: Refactor query for video surface formats.

Connor Abbott (1):

  • tu: Follow pipeline compatibility rules for dynamic descriptors

Daniel Schürmann (1):

  • spirv: Fix SpvOpExpectKHR

Daniel Stone (2):

  • egl/wayland: Add opaque-equivalent FourCCs

  • egl/wayland: Fix EGL_EXT_present_opaque

Dave Airlie (2):

  • nouveau/winsys: fix bda heap leak.

  • nvk: fix dri options leak.

David Rosca (1):

  • frontends/va: Only set VP9 segmentation fields when segmentation is enabled

Eric Engestrom (10):

  • docs: add sha256sum for 24.0.1

  • [24.0-only change] ci: increase the kernel+rootfs builds timeout to 2h

  • .pick_status.json: Update to c6e855b64b9015235462959b2b7f3e9fc34b2f1f

  • .pick_status.json: Update to dce20690542c84ac00509a6db7902dcfc90b25bb

  • .pick_status.json: Update to c12300844d3f084ca011a3f54f0cbaa9807418f0

  • .pick_status.json: Mark 3b927567ac927316eb11901f50ee1573ead44fd2 as denominated

  • .pick_status.json: Update to 423add61e2d5b6ab6b5505d1feec01b93609f8fc

  • .pick_status.json: Update to 4071c399a27932ea9253eb8a65d5725504bac6f3

  • .pick_status.json: Update to 82ff9204abab5267f82a9ce73f9dca1541ef5ee6

  • [24.0 only] disable clang-format

Erik Faye-Lund (1):

  • mesa/main: allow GL_BGRA for FBOs

Faith Ekstrand (1):

  • nvk: Invalidate the texture cache before MSAA resolves

Hans-Kristian Arntzen (1):

  • radv: export multiview in VS/TES/GS for depth-only rendering

Iago Toral Quiroga (1):

  • v3d,v3dv: fix BO allocation for shared vars

Ian Romanick (1):

  • nir: Mark nir_intrinsic_load_global_block_intel as divergent

Jesse Natalie (1):

  • dzn: Don’t set view instancing mask until after the PSO

Jordan Justen (1):

  • intel/dev: Add 2 additional ADL-N PCI ids

Juston Li (1):

  • venus: fix image reqs cache store locking

Karol Herbst (3):

  • zink: lower unaligned memory accesses

  • rusticl/program: fix CL_PROGRAM_BINARIES for devs with no builds

  • meson: do not pull in clc for clover

Konstantin Seurer (5):

  • zink: Always set mfence->submit_count to the fence submit_count

  • Revert “zink: always force flushes when originating from api frontend”

  • llvmpipe: Use full subgroups when possible

  • gallivm: Consider the initial mask when terminating loops

  • ci: Update llvmpipe trace checksums

Lionel Landwerlin (8):

  • vulkan/runtime: add helper to query attachment layout

  • anv: fixup push descriptor shader analysis

  • anv: reenable ANV_ALWAYS_BINDLESS

  • anv: fix Wa_16013994831 macros

  • anv: disable Wa_16013994831

  • intel/nir: only consider ray query variables in lowering

  • anv: limit depth flush on dynamic render pass suspend

  • anv: add missing generated file dep

Martin Roukala (né Peres) (1):

  • radv/ci: switch vkcts-polaris10 from mupuf to KWS’ farm

Michel Dänzer (1):

  • egl/wayland: Flush after blitting to linear copy

Mike Blumenkrantz (25):

  • zink: prune dmabuf export tracking when adding resource binds

  • zink: fix sparse bo placement

  • zink: zero allocate resident_defs array in ntv

  • zink: move sparse lowering up in file

  • zink: run sparse lowering after all optimization passes

  • zink: adjust swizzled deref loads by the variable component offset

  • zink: clamp zink_gfx_lib_cache::stages_present for generated tcs

  • zink: promote gpl libs freeing during shader destroy out of prog loop

  • zink: don’t add VK_IMAGE_CREATE_2D_ARRAY_COMPATIBLE_BIT for sparse textures

  • zink: delete maxDescriptorBufferBindings checks

  • zink: avoid infinite recursion on (very) small BAR systems in bo alloc

  • zink: add checks/compat for low-spec descriptor buffer implementations

  • zink: add a second fence disambiguation case

  • zink: force host-visible allocations for MAP_COHERENT resources

  • zink: handle stencil_fallback in zink_clear_depth_stencil

  • zink: don’t destroy the current batch state on context destroy

  • mesa: check driver format support for certain GetInternalformativ queries

  • vk/wsi/x11/sw: use swapchain depth for putimage

  • zink: only scan active batch states for free states if > 1 exist

  • zink: fix longstanding issue with active batch state recycling

  • zink: assert that batch_id is valid in zink_screen_check_last_finished()

  • zink: clamp in_rp clears to fb size

  • zink: fix (dynamic rendering) execution of scissored clears during flush

  • zink: lock buffer age when chundering swapchain for readback

  • zink: flag acquired swapchain image as readback target on acquire, not present

Patrick Lerda (3):

  • r300: fix vertex_buffer related refcnt imbalance

  • r300: fix r300_destroy_context() related memory leaks

  • r300: fix memory leaks when register allocation fails

Pavel Ondračka (1):

  • r300: add explicit flrp lowering

Rhys Perry (2):

  • aco/ra: don’t initialize assigned in initializer list

  • aco/ra: fix GFX9- writelane

Sagar Ghuge (1):

  • nir: Allow nir_texop_tg4 in implicit derivative

Samuel Pitoiset (4):

  • radv: fix RGP barrier reason for RP barriers inserted by the runtime

  • radv: enable GS_FAST_LAUNCH=2 by default for RDNA3 APUs (Phoenix)

  • spirv: only consider IO variables when adjusting patch locations for TES

  • radv: fix indirect dispatches on compute queue with conditional rendering on GFX7

Tapani Pälli (2):

  • intel/blorp: disable use of REP16 independent of format

  • iris: make sure DS and TE are sent in pairs on >= gfx125

Yiwei Zhang (2):

  • venus: force async pipeline create on threads creating descriptor pools

  • venus: fix the cmd stride used for qfb recording

thfrwn (1):

  • mesa: fix off-by-one for newblock allocation in dlist_alloc