Mesa 18.0.1 Release Notes / April 18, 2018

Mesa 18.0.1 is a bug fix release which fixes bugs found since the 18.0.0 release.

Mesa 18.0.1 implements the OpenGL 4.5 API, but the version reported by glGetString(GL_VERSION) or glGetIntegerv(GL_MAJOR_VERSION) / glGetIntegerv(GL_MINOR_VERSION) depends on the particular driver being used. Some drivers don’t support all the features required in OpenGL 4.5. OpenGL 4.5 is only available if requested at context creation because compatibility contexts are not supported.

SHA256 checksums

0c93ba892c0610f5dd87f2e2673b9445187995c395b3ddb33fd4260bfb291e89  mesa-18.0.1.tar.gz
b2d2f5b5dbaab13e15cb0dcb5ec81887467f55ebc9625945b303a3647cd87954  mesa-18.0.1.tar.xz

New features


Bug fixes

  • Bug 101408 - [Gen8+] Xonotic fails to render one of the weapons

  • Bug 102342 - mesa-17.1.7/src/gallium/auxiliary/pipebuffer/pb_cache.c:169]: (style) Suspicious condition

  • Bug 102542 - mesa-17.2.0/src/gallium/state_trackers/nine/nine_ff.c:1938: bad assignment ?

  • Bug 105317 - The GPU Vega 56 was hang while try to pass #GraphicsFuzz shader15 test

  • Bug 105440 - GEN7: rendering issue on citra

  • Bug 105442 - Hang when running nine ff lighting shader with radeonsi

  • Bug 105567 - meson/ninja: 1. mesa/vdpau incorrect symlinks in DESTDIR and 2. Ddri-drivers-path Dvdpau-libs-path overrides DESTDIR

  • Bug 105670 - [regression][hang] Trine1EE hangs GPU after loading screen on Mesa3D-17.3 and later

  • Bug 105704 - compiler assertion hit

  • Bug 105717 - [bisected] Mesa build tests fails: BIGENDIAN_CPU or LITTLEENDIAN_CPU must be defined

  • Bug 105942 - Graphical artefacts after update to mesa 18.0.0-2


Andres Gomez (2):

  • dri_util: when overriding, always reset the core version

  • mesa: adds some comments regarding MESA_GLES_VERSION_OVERRIDE usage

Axel Davy (5):

  • st/nine: Fix bad tracking of vs textures for NINESBT_ALL

  • st/nine: Fixes warning about implicit conversion

  • st/nine: Fix non inversible matrix check

  • st/nine: Declare lighting consts for ff shaders

  • st/nine: Do not use scratch for face register

Bas Nieuwenhuizen (3):

  • ac/nir: Add workaround for GFX9 buffer views.

  • radv: Don’t set instance count using predication.

  • radv: Always reset draw user SGPRs after secondary command buffer.

Caio Marcelo de Oliveira Filho (1):

  • anv/pipeline: fail if TCS/TES compile fail

Daniel Stone (1):

  • st/dri: Initialise modifier to INVALID for DRI2

Derek Foreman (1):

  • egl/wayland: Make swrast display_sync the correct queue

Dylan Baker (4):

  • meson: don’t use compiler.has_header

  • autotools: include meson_get_version

  • meson: Set .so version for xa like autotools does

  • meson: fix megadriver symlinking

Emil Velikov (1):

  • docs: add sha256 checksums for 18.0.0

Eric Engestrom (3):

  • meson/configure: detect endian.h instead of trying to guess when it’s available

  • docs: fix 18.0 release note version

  • gbm: remove never-implemented function

Henri Verbeet (1):

  • mesa: Inherit texture view multi-sample information from the original texture images.

Iago Toral Quiroga (1):

  • compiler/spirv: set is_shadow for depth comparitor sampling opcodes

Ian Romanick (1):

  • i965/vec4: Fix null destination register in 3-source instructions

Faith Ekstrand (4):

  • nir/vars_to_ssa: Remove copies from the correct set

  • nir/lower_indirect_derefs: Support interp_var_at intrinsics

  • intel/vec4: Set channel_sizes for MOV_INDIRECT sources

  • nir/lower_vec_to_movs: Only coalesce if the vec had a SSA destination

Juan A. Suarez Romero (5):

  • cherry-ignore anv: Be more careful about fast-clear colors

  • cherry-ignore: ac/shader: fix vertex input with components.

  • cherry-ignore: radv: handle exporting view index to fragment shader. (v1.1)

  • cherry-ignore: omx: always define ENABLE_ST_OMX_{BELLAGIO,TIZONIA}

  • Update version to 18.0.1

Leo Liu (1):

  • radeon/vce: move feedback command inside of destroy function

Lionel Landwerlin (1):

  • i965/perf: fix config registration when uploading to kernel

Marc Dietrich (1):

  • meson: fix HAVE_LLVM version define in meson build

Marek Olšák (1):

  • mesa: simplify MESA_GL_VERSION_OVERRIDE behavior of API override

Mark Thompson (1):

  • st/va: Enable vaExportSurfaceHandle()

Rob Clark (3):

  • nir: fix per_vertex_output intrinsic

  • freedreno/a5xx: fix page faults on last level

  • freedreno/a5xx: don’t align height for PIPE_BUFFER

Samuel Pitoiset (2):

  • radv: fix picking the method for resolve subpass

  • radv: fix radv_layout_dcc_compressed() when image doesn’t have DCC

Sergii Romantsov (1):

  • i965: Extend the negative 32-bit deltas to 64-bits

Timothy Arceri (7):

  • ac: add if/loop build helpers

  • radeonsi: make use of if/loop build helpers in ac

  • ac: make use of if/loop build helpers

  • glsl: fix infinite loop caused by bug in loop unrolling pass

  • nir: fix crash in loop unroll corner case

  • gallium/pipebuffer: fix parenthesis location

  • glsl: always call do_lower_jumps() after loop unrolling

Xiong, James (1):

  • i965: return the fourcc saved in __DRIimage when possible