Mesa 7.10.1 Release Notes / March 2, 2011

Mesa 7.10.1 is a bug fix release which fixes bugs found since the 7.10 release.

Mesa 7.10.1 implements the OpenGL 2.1 API, but the version reported by glGetString(GL_VERSION) depends on the particular driver being used. Some drivers don’t support all the features required in OpenGL 2.1.

See the Compiling/Installing page for prerequisites for DRI hardware acceleration.

MD5 checksums

4b4cee19f3bf16eb78bd4cc278ccf812  MesaLib-7.10.1.tar.gz
efe8da4d80c2a5d32a800770b8ce5dfa  MesaLib-7.10.1.tar.bz2
42beb0f5188d544476c19496f725fa67  MesaGLUT-7.10.1.tar.gz
637bb8a20fdad89f7382b4ea83f896e3  MesaGLUT-7.10.1.tar.bz2

New features


Bug fixes

This list is likely incomplete.

  • Fix an off-by-one bug in a vsplit assertion.

  • Fix incorrect handling of layout qualifier with in, out, attribute, and varying.

  • Fix an i965 shader bug where the negative absolute value was generated instead of the absolute value of a negation.

  • Fix numerous issues handling precision qualifiers in GLSL ES.

  • Fixed a few GLX protocol encoder bugs (Julien Cristau)

  • Assorted Gallium llvmpipe driver bug fixes

  • Assorted Mesa/Gallium state tracker bug fixes

  • Bug 26795 - gl_FragCoord off by one in Gallium drivers.

  • Bug 29164 - [GLSL 1.20] invariant variable shouldn’t be used before declaration

  • Bug 29823 - GetUniform[if]v busted

  • Bug 29927 - [glsl2] fail to compile shader with constructor for array of struct type

  • Bug 30156 - [i965] After updating to Mesa 7.9, Civilization IV starts to show garbage

  • Bug 31923 - [GLSL 1.20] allowing inconsistent centroid declaration between two vertex shaders

  • Bug 31925 - [GLSL 1.20] “#pragma STDGL invariant(all)” fail

  • Bug 32214 - [gles2]no link error happens when missing vertex shader or frag shader

  • Bug 32375 - [gl gles2] Not able to get the attribute by function glGetVertexAttribfv

  • Bug 32541 - Segmentation Fault while running an HDR (high dynamic range) rendering demo

  • Bug 32569 - [gles2] glGetShaderPrecisionFormat not implemented yet

  • Bug 32695 - [glsl] SIGSEGV glcpp/glcpp-parse.y:833

  • Bug 32831 - [glsl] division by zero crashes GLSL compiler

  • Bug 32910 - Keywords ‘in’ and ‘out’ not handled properly for GLSL 1.20 shaders

  • Bug 33219 -[GLSL bisected] implicit sized array triggers segfault in ir_to_mesa_visitor::copy_propagate

  • Bug 33306 - GLSL integer division by zero crashes GLSL compiler

  • Bug 33308 -[glsl] ast_to_hir.cpp:3016: virtual ir_rvalue* ast_jump_statement::hir(exec_list*, _mesa_glsl_parse_state*): Assertion `ret != __null’ failed.

  • Bug 33316 - uniform array will be allocate one line more and initialize it when it was freed will abort

  • Bug 33386 - Dubious assembler in read_rgba_span_x86.S

  • Bug 33388 - Dubious assembler in xform4.S

  • Bug 33433 - Error in x86-64 API dispatch code.

  • Bug 33507 - [glsl] GLSL preprocessor modulus by zero crash

  • Bug 33508 - [glsl] GLSL compiler modulus by zero crash

  • Bug 33916 - Compiler accepts reserved operators % and %=

  • Bug 34030 - [bisected] Starcraft 2: some effects are corrupted or too big

  • Bug 34047 - Assert in _tnl_import_array() when using GLfixed vertex datatypes with GLESv2

  • Bug 34114 - Sun Studio build fails due to standard library functions not being in global namespace

  • Bug 34179 - Nouveau 3D driver: nv50_pc_emit.c:863 assertion error kills Compiz

  • Bug 34198 - [GLSL] implicit sized array with index 0 used gets assertion

  • Ubuntu bug 691653 - compiz crashes when using alt-tab (the radeon driver kills it)

  • Meego bug 13005 - Graphics GLSL issue lead to camera preview fail on Pinetrail


The full set of changes can be viewed by using the following GIT command:

git log mesa-7.10..mesa-7.10.1

Alberto Milone (1):

  • r600c: add evergreen ARL support.

Brian Paul (21):

  • draw: Fix an off-by-one bug in a vsplit assertion.

  • docs: add links to 7.9.1 and 7.10 release notes

  • docs: added news item for 7.9.1 and 7.10 release

  • gallivm: work around LLVM 2.6 bug when calling C functions

  • gallivm: fix copy&paste error from previous commit

  • mesa: fix a few format table mistakes, assertions

  • mesa: fix num_draw_buffers==0 in fixed-function fragment program generation

  • mesa: don’t assert in GetIntegerIndexed, etc

  • mesa: check for dummy renderbuffer in _mesa_FramebufferRenderbufferEXT()

  • llvmpipe: make sure binning is active when we begin/end a query

  • st/mesa: fix incorrect fragcoord.x translation

  • softpipe: fix off-by-one error in setup_fragcoord_coeff()

  • cso: fix loop bound in cso_set_vertex_samplers()

  • st/mesa: fix incorrect glCopyPixels position on fallback path

  • st/mesa: set renderbuffer _BaseFormat in a few places

  • st/mesa: fix the default case in st_format_datatype()

  • st/mesa: need to translate clear color according to surface’s base format

  • docs: update 7.9.2 release notes with Brian’s cherry-picks

  • docs: add link to 7.10.1 release notes

  • mesa: implement glGetShaderPrecisionFormat()

  • docs: updated environment variable list

Bryce Harrington (1):

  • r300g: Null pointer check for buffer deref in gallium winsys

Chad Versace (20):

  • glsl: At link-time, check that globals have matching centroid qualifiers

  • glcpp: Fix segfault when validating macro redefinitions

  • glsl: Fix parser rule for type_specifier

  • glsl: Change default value of ast_type_specifier::precision

  • glsl: Add semantic checks for precision qualifiers

  • glsl: Add support for default precision statements

  • glsl: Remove redundant semantic check in parser

  • glsl: Fix semantic checks on precision qualifiers

  • glsl: Fix segfault due to missing printf argument

  • glsl: Mark ‘in’ variables at global scope as read-only

  • mesa: Refactor handling of extension strings

  • mesa: Add/remove extensions in extension string

  • mesa: Change dependencies of some OES extension strings

  • mesa: Change OES_point_sprite to depend on ARB_point_sprite

  • mesa: Change OES_standard_derivatives to be stand-alone extension

  • i915: Disable extension OES_standard_derivatives

  • glcpp: Raise error when modulus is zero

  • glsl: Set operators ‘%’ and ‘%=’ to be reserved when GLSL < 1.30

  • glsl: Reinstate constant-folding for division by zero

  • tnl: Add support for datatype GL_FIXED in vertex arrays

Chia-I Wu (1):

  • mesa: Add glDepthRangef and glClearDepthf to APIspec.xml.

Christoph Bumiller (1):

  • nv50,nvc0: do not forget to apply sign mode to saved TGSI inputs

Cyril Brulebois (1):

  • Point to rather than

Dave Airlie (3):

  • radeon/r200: fix fbo-clearmipmap + gen-teximage

  • radeon: calculate complete texture state inside TFP function

  • radeon: avoid segfault on 3D textures.

Dimitry Andric (4):

  • mesa: s/movzx/movzbl/

  • mesa: s/movzxw/movzwl/ in read_rgba_span_x86.S

  • glapi: adding @ char before type specifier in glapi_x86.S

  • glapi: add @GOTPCREL relocation type

Eric Anholt (16):

  • glsl: Fix the lowering of variable array indexing to not lose write_masks.

  • i965/fs: When producing ir_unop_abs of an operand, strip negate.

  • i965/vs: When MOVing to produce ABS, strip negate of the operand.

  • i965/fs: Do flat shading when appropriate.

  • i965: Avoid double-negation of immediate values in the VS.

  • intel: Make renderbuffer tiling choice match texture tiling choice.

  • i965: Fix dead pointers to fp->Parameters->ParameterValues[] after realloc.

  • docs: Add a relnote for the Civ IV on i965.

  • glapi: Add entrypoints and enums for GL_ARB_ES2_compatibility.

  • mesa: Add extension enable bit for GL_ARB_ES2_compatibility.

  • mesa: Add actual support for glReleaseShaderCompiler from ES2.

  • mesa: Add support for glDepthRangef and glClearDepthf.

  • mesa: Add getters for ARB_ES2_compatibility MAX_*_VECTORS.

  • mesa: Add getter for GL_SHADER_COMPILER with ARB_ES2_compatibility.

  • i965: Fix a bug in i965 compute-to-MRF.

  • i965/fs: Add a helper function for detecting math opcodes.

Fredrik Höglund (1):

  • st/mesa: fix a regression from cae2bb76

Ian Romanick (42):

  • docs: Add 7.10 md5sums

  • glsl: Support the ‘invariant(all)’ pragma

  • glcpp: Generate an error for division by zero

  • glsl: Add version_string containing properly formatted GLSL version

  • glsl & glcpp: Refresh autogenerated lexer and parser files.

  • glsl: Disallow ‘in’ and ‘out’ on globals in GLSL 1.20

  • glsl: Track variable usage, use that to enforce semantics

  • glsl: Allow ‘in’ and ‘out’ when ‘layout’ is also available

  • docs: Initial bits of 7.10.1 release notes

  • mesa: bump version to 7.10.1-devel

  • doc: Update 7.10.1 release notes

  • glsl: Emit errors or warnings when ‘layout’ is used with ‘attribute’ or ‘varying’

  • docs: Update 7.10.1 release notes

  • glsl: Refresh autogenerated lexer and parser files.

  • glsl: Don’t assert when the value returned by a function has no rvalue

  • linker: Set sizes for non-global arrays as well

  • linker: Propagate max_array_access while linking functions

  • docs: Update 7.10.1 release notes

  • mesa: glGetUniform only returns a single element of an array

  • linker: Generate link errors when ES shaders are missing stages

  • mesa: Fix error checks in GetVertexAttrib functions

  • Use C-style system headers in C++ code to avoid issues with std:: namespace

  • docs: Update 7.10.1 release notes

  • glapi: Regenerate for GL_ARB_ES2_compatibility.

  • mesa: Connect glGetShaderPrecisionFormat into the dispatch table

  • i965: Set correct values for range/precision of fragment shader types

  • i915: Set correct values for range/precision of fragment shader types

  • intel: Fix typeos from 3d028024 and 790ff232

  • glsl: Ensure that all GLSL versions are supported in the stand-alone compiler

  • glsl: Reject shader versions not supported by the implementation

  • mesa: Initial size for secondary color array is 3

  • glsl: Finish out the reduce/reduce error fixes

  • glsl: Regenerate compiler and glcpp files from cherry picks

  • linker: Fix off-by-one error implicit array sizing

  • docs: update 7.10.1 release notes with Ian’s recent cherry picks

  • i915: Only mark a register as available if all components are written

  • i915: Calculate partial result to temp register first

  • i915: Force lowering of all types of indirect array accesses in the FS

  • docs: Update 7.10.1 with (hopefully) the last of the cherry picks

  • docs: Clean up bug fixes list

  • intel: Remove driver date and related bits from renderer string

  • mesa: set version string to 7.10.1 (final)

Jian Zhao (1):

  • mesa: fix an error in uniform arrays in row calculating.

Julien Cristau (3):

  • glx: fix request lengths

  • glx: fix GLXChangeDrawableAttributesSGIX request

  • glx: fix length of GLXGetFBConfigsSGIX

Keith Packard (1):

  • glsl: Eliminate reduce/reduce conflicts in glsl grammar

Kenneth Graunke (20):

  • glsl: Expose a public glsl_type::void_type const pointer.

  • glsl: Don’t bother unsetting a destructor that was never set.

  • glsl, i965: Remove unnecessary talloc includes.

  • glcpp: Remove use of talloc reference counting.

  • ralloc: Add a fake implementation of ralloc based on talloc.

  • Convert everything from the talloc API to the ralloc API.

  • ralloc: a new MIT-licensed recursive memory allocator.

  • Remove talloc from the make and automake build systems.

  • Remove talloc from the SCons build system.

  • Remove the talloc sources from the Mesa repository.

  • glsl: Fix use of uninitialized values in _mesa_glsl_parse_state ctor.

  • i965/fs: Apply source modifier workarounds to POW as well.

  • i965: Fix shaders that write to gl_PointSize on Sandybridge.

  • i965/fs: Avoid register coalescing away gen6 MATH workarounds.

  • i965/fs: Correctly set up gl_FragCoord.w on Sandybridge.

  • i965: Increase Sandybridge point size clamp.

  • i965/fs: Refactor control flow stack handling.

  • i965: Increase Sandybridge point size clamp in the clip state.

  • glsl: Use reralloc instead of plain realloc.

  • Revert “i965/fs: Correctly set up gl_FragCoord.w on Sandybridge.”

Marek Olšák (4):

  • docs: fix messed up names with special characters in relnotes-7.10

  • docs: fix messed up names with special characters in relnotes-7.9.1

  • mesa: fix texture3D mipmap generation for UNSIGNED_BYTE_3_3_2

  • st/dri: Track drawable context bindings

Paulo Zanoni (1):

  • dri_util: fail driCreateNewScreen if InitScreen is NULL

Sam Hocevar (2):

  • docs: add glsl info

  • docs: fix glsl_compiler name

Tom Fogal (1):

  • Regenerate gl_mangle.h.

Tom Stellard (2):

  • r300/compiler: Disable register rename pass on r500

  • r300/compiler: Don’t erase sources when converting RGB->Alpha

Vinson Lee (3):

  • ralloc: Add missing va_end following va_copy.

  • mesa: Move declaration before code in extensions.c.

  • mesa: Move loop variable declarations outside for loop in extensions.c.

nobled (1):

  • glx: Put null check before use