Mesa 10.2.5 Release Notes / August 2, 2014

Mesa 10.2.5 is a bug fix release which fixes bugs found since the 10.2.4 release.

Mesa 10.2.5 implements the OpenGL 3.3 API, but the version reported by glGetString(GL_VERSION) or glGetIntegerv(GL_MAJOR_VERSION) / glGetIntegerv(GL_MINOR_VERSION) depends on the particular driver being used. Some drivers don’t support all the features required in OpenGL 3.3. OpenGL 3.3 is only available if requested at context creation because compatibility contexts are not supported.

SHA256 checksums

b4459f0bf7f4a3c8fb78ece3c9d2eac3d0e5bf38cb470f2a72705e744bd0310d  MesaLib-10.2.5.tar.bz2
7b4dd0cb683f8c7dc48a3e7a315742bed58ddcd7b756c462aca4177bd1acdc79  MesaLib-10.2.5.tar.gz

New features


Bug fixes

This list is likely incomplete.

  • Bug 80991 - [BDW]Piglit spec_ARB_sample_shading_builtin-gl-sample-mask_2 fails


Abdiel Janulgue (3):

  • i965/fs: Refactor check for potential copy propagated instructions.

  • i965/fs: skip copy-propate for logical instructions with negated src entries

  • i965/vec4: skip copy-propate for logical instructions with negated src entries

Adel Gadllah (1):

  • i915: Fix up intelInitScreen2 for DRI3

Anuj Phogat (2):

  • i965: Fix z_offset computation in intel_miptree_unmap_depthstencil()

  • mesa: Don’t use memcpy() in _mesa_texstore() for float depth texture data

Brian Paul (3):

  • mesa: fix geometry shader memory leaks

  • st/mesa: fix geometry shader memory leak

  • gallium/u_blitter: fix some shader memory leaks

Carl Worth (6):

  • docs: Add sha256 checksums for the 10.2.3 release

  • Update VERSION to 10.2.4

  • Add release notes for 10.2.4

  • docs: Add SHA256 checksums for the 10.2.4 release

  • cherry-ignore: Ignore a few patches picked in the previous stable release

  • Update version to 10.2.5

Christian König (1):

  • radeonsi: fix order of r600_need_dma_space and r600_context_bo_reloc

Eric Anholt (1):

  • i965: Generalize the pixel_x/y workaround for all UW types.

Ian Romanick (2):

  • mesa: Don’t allow GL_TEXTURE_BORDER queries outside compat profile

  • mesa: Don’t allow GL_TEXTURE_{LUMINANCE,INTENSITY}_* queries outside compat profile

Ilia Mirkin (5):

  • nv50/ir: retrieve shadow compare from first arg

  • nv50/ir: ignore bias for samplerCubeShadow on nv50

  • nvc0/ir: do quadops on the right texture coordinates for TXD

  • nvc0/ir: use manual TXD when offsets are involved

  • nvc0: make sure that the local memory allocation is aligned to 0x10

Faith Ekstrand (2):

  • main/format_pack: Fix a wrong datatype in pack_ubyte_R8G8_UNORM

  • main/get_hash_params: Add GL_SAMPLE_SHADING_ARB

Jordan Justen (1):

  • i965: Add auxiliary surface field #defines for Broadwell.

José Fonseca (1):

  • st/wgl: Clamp wglChoosePixelFormatARB’s output nNumFormats to nMaxFormats.

Kenneth Graunke (13):

  • i965: Don’t copy propagate abs into Broadwell logic instructions.

  • i965: Set execution size to 8 for instructions with force_sechalf set.

  • i965/fs: Set force_uncompressed and force_sechalf on samplepos setup.

  • i965/fs: Use WE_all for gl_SampleID header register munging.

  • i965: Add plumbing for Broadwell’s auxiliary surface support.

  • i965: Drop SINT workaround for CMS layout on Broadwell.

  • i965: Hook up the MCS buffers in SURFACE_STATE on Broadwell.

  • i965: Add 2x MSAA support to the MCS allocation function.

  • i965: Enable compressed multisample support (CMS) on Broadwell.

  • i965: Add missing persample_shading field to brw_wm_debug_recompile.

  • i965/fs: Fix gl_SampleID for 2x MSAA and SIMD16 mode.

  • i965/fs: Fix gl_SampleMask handling for SIMD16 on Gen8+.

  • i965/fs: Set LastRT on the final FB write on Broadwell.

Marek Olšák (14):

  • gallium: fix u_default_transfer_inline_write for textures

  • st/mesa: fix samplerCubeShadow with bias

  • radeonsi: fix samplerCubeShadow with bias

  • radeonsi: add support for TXB2

  • r600g: switch SNORM conversion to DX and GLES behavior

  • radeonsi: fix CMASK and HTILE calculations for Hawaii

  • gallium/util: add a helper for calculating primitive count from vertex count

  • radeonsi: fix a hang with instancing on Hawaii

  • radeonsi: fix a hang with streamout on Hawaii

  • winsys/radeon: fix vram_size overflow with Hawaii

  • radeonsi: fix occlusion queries on Hawaii

  • r600g,radeonsi: switch all occurences of array_size to util_max_layer

  • radeonsi: fix build because of lack of draw_indirect infrastructure in 10.2

  • radeonsi: use DRAW_PREAMBLE on CIK

Matt Turner (8):

  • i965/vec4: Don’t return void from a void function.

  • i965/vec4: Don’t fix_math_operand() on Gen >= 8.

  • i965/fs: Don’t fix_math_operand() on Gen >= 8.

  • i965/fs: Make try_constant_propagate() static.

  • i965/fs: Constant propagate into 2-src math instructions on Gen8.

  • i965/vec4: Constant propagate into 2-src math instructions on Gen8.

  • i965/fs: Don’t use brw_imm_* unnecessarily.

  • i965/fs: Set correct number of regs_written for MCS fetches.

Thorsten Glaser (1):

  • nv50: fix build failure on m68k due to invalid struct alignment assumptions

Tom Stellard (1):

  • clover: Call end_query before getting timestamp result v2