Mesa 10.6.6 Release Notes / September 04, 2015

Mesa 10.6.6 is a bug fix release which fixes bugs found since the 10.6.5 release.

Mesa 10.6.6 implements the OpenGL 3.3 API, but the version reported by glGetString(GL_VERSION) or glGetIntegerv(GL_MAJOR_VERSION) / glGetIntegerv(GL_MINOR_VERSION) depends on the particular driver being used. Some drivers don’t support all the features required in OpenGL 3.3. OpenGL 3.3 is only available if requested at context creation because compatibility contexts are not supported.

SHA256 checksums

416517aa9df4791f97d34451a9e4da33c966afcd18c115c5769b92b15b018ef5  mesa-10.6.6.tar.gz
570f2154b7340ff5db61ff103bc6e85165b8958798b78a50fa2df488e98e5778  mesa-10.6.6.tar.xz

New features


Bug fixes

This list is likely incomplete.

  • Bug 84677 - Triangle disappears with glPolygonMode GL_LINE

  • Bug 90734 - glBufferSubData is corrupting data when buffer is > 32k

  • Bug 90748 - [BDW Bisected]dEQP-GLES3.functional.fbo.completeness.renderable.texture.depth.rg_half_float_oes fails

  • Bug 90902 - [bsw][regression] dEQP: “Found invalid pixel values”

  • Bug 90925 - “high fidelity”: Segfault in _mesa_program_resource_find_name

  • Bug 91254 - (regresion) video using VA-API on Intel slow and freeze system with mesa 10.6 or 10.6.1

  • Bug 91292 - [BDW+] glVertexAttribDivisor not working in combination with glPolygonMode

  • Bug 91673 - Segfault when calling glTexSubImage2D on storage texture to bound FBO

  • Bug 91726 - R600 asserts in tgsi_cmp/make_src_for_op3


Chris Wilson (2):

  • i965: Prevent coordinate overflow in intel_emit_linear_blit

  • i965: Always re-emit the pipeline select during invariant state emission

Daniel Scharrer (1):

  • mesa: add missing queries for ARB_direct_state_access

Dave Airlie (8):

  • mesa/arb_gpu_shader_fp64: add support for glGetUniformdv

  • mesa/texgetimage: fix missing stencil check

  • st/readpixels: fix accel path for skipimages.

  • texcompress_s3tc/fxt1: fix stride checks (v1.1)

  • mesa/readpixels: check strides are equal before skipping conversion

  • mesa: enable texture stencil8 for multisample

  • r600/sb: update last_cf for finalize if.

  • r600g: fix calculation for gpr allocation

David Heidelberg (1):

  • st/nine: Require gcc >= 4.6

Emil Velikov (2):

  • docs: add sha256 checksums for 10.6.5

  • Require explicit “10.6” for nominating stable patches

Glenn Kennard (4):

  • r600g: Fix assert in tgsi_cmp

  • r600g/sb: Handle undef in read port tracker

  • r600g/sb: Don’t read junk after EOP

  • r600g/sb: Don’t crash on empty if jump target

Ilia Mirkin (5):

  • st/mesa: fix assignments with 4-operand arguments (i.e. BFI)

  • st/mesa: pass through 4th opcode argument in bitmap/pixel visitors

  • nv50,nvc0: disable depth bounds test on blit

  • nv50: fix 2d engine blits for 64- and 128-bit formats

  • mesa: only copy the requested teximage faces

Faith Ekstrand (1):

  • i965/fs: Split VGRFs after lowering pull constants

Kenneth Graunke (3):

  • i965: Fix copy propagation type changes.

  • Revert “i965: Advertise a line width of 40.0 on Cherryview and Skylake.”

  • i965: Momentarily pretend to support ARB_texture_stencil8 for blits.

Marek Olšák (3):

  • gallium/radeon: fix the ADDRESS_HI mask for EVENT_WRITE CIK packets

  • mesa: create multisample fallback textures like normal textures

  • radeonsi: fix a Unigine Heaven hang when drirc is missing

Matt Turner (1):

  • i965/fs: Handle MRF destinations in lower_integer_multiplication().

Neil Roberts (2):

  • i965: Swap the order of the vertex ID and edge flag attributes

  • i965/bdw: Fix 3DSTATE_VF_INSTANCING when the edge flag is used

Tapani Pälli (5):

  • mesa: update fbo state in glTexStorage

  • glsl: build stageref mask using IR, not symbol table

  • glsl: expose build_program_resource_list function

  • glsl: create program resource list after LinkShader

  • mesa: add GL_RED, GL_RG support for floating point textures