Mesa 11.0.8 Release Notes / December 9, 2015

Mesa 11.0.8 is a bug fix release which fixes bugs found since the 11.0.7 release.

Mesa 11.0.8 implements the OpenGL 4.1 API, but the version reported by glGetString(GL_VERSION) or glGetIntegerv(GL_MAJOR_VERSION) / glGetIntegerv(GL_MINOR_VERSION) depends on the particular driver being used. Some drivers don’t support all the features required in OpenGL 4.1. OpenGL 4.1 is only available if requested at context creation because compatibility contexts are not supported.

SHA256 checksums

ab9db87b54d7525e4b611b82577ea9a9eae55927558df57b190059d5ecd9406f  mesa-11.0.8.tar.gz
5696e4730518b6805d2ed5def393c4293f425a2c2c01bd5ed4bdd7ad62f7ad75  mesa-11.0.8.tar.xz

New features


Bug fixes

This list is likely incomplete.

  • Bug 91806 - configure does not test whether assembler supports sse4.1

  • Bug 92849 - [IVB HSW BDW] piglit image load/store load-from-cleared-image.shader_test fails

  • Bug 92909 - Offset/alignment issue with layout std140 and vec3

  • Bug 93004 - Guild Wars 2 crash on nouveau DX11 cards

  • Bug 93215 - [Regression bisected] Ogles1conform Automatic mipmap generation test is fail

  • Bug 93266 - gl_arb_shading_language_420pack does not allow binding of image variables


Boyuan Zhang (1):

  • radeon/uvd: uv pitch separation for stoney

Dave Airlie (9):

  • r600: do SQ flush ES ring rolling workaround

  • r600: SMX returns CONTEXT_DONE early workaround

  • r600/shader: split address get out to a function.

  • r600/shader: add utility functions to do single slot arithmatic

  • r600g: fix geom shader input indirect indexing.

  • r600: handle geometry dynamic input array index

  • radeonsi: handle doubles in lds load path.

  • mesa/varray: set double arrays to non-normalised.

  • mesa/shader: return correct attribute location for double matrix arrays

Emil Velikov (8):

  • docs: add sha256 checksums for 11.0.7

  • cherry-ignore: don’t pick a specific i965 formats patch

  • Revert “i965/nir: Remove unused indirect handling”

  • Revert “i965/state: Get rid of dword_pitch arguments to buffer functions”

  • Revert “i965/vec4: Use a stride of 1 and byte offsets for UBOs”

  • Revert “i965/fs: Use a stride of 1 and byte offsets for UBOs”

  • Revert “i965/vec4: Use byte offsets for UBO pulls on Sandy Bridge”

  • Update version to 11.0.8

Francisco Jerez (1):

  • i965: Resolve color and flush for all active shader images in intel_update_state().

Ian Romanick (1):

  • meta/generate_mipmap: Work-around GLES 1.x problem with GL_DRAW_FRAMEBUFFER

Ilia Mirkin (17):

  • freedreno/a4xx: support lod_bias

  • freedreno/a4xx: fix 5_5_5_1 texture sampler format

  • freedreno/a4xx: point regid to “red” even for alpha-only rb formats

  • nvc0/ir: fold postfactor into immediate

  • nv50/ir: deal with loops with no breaks

  • nv50/ir: the mad source might not have a defining instruction

  • nv50/ir: fix instruction permutation logic

  • nv50/ir: don’t forget to mark flagsDef on cvt in txb lowering

  • nv50/ir: fix DCE to not generate 96-bit loads

  • nv50/ir: avoid looking at uninitialized srcMods entries

  • gk110/ir: fix imul hi emission with limm arg

  • gk104/ir: sampler doesn’t matter for txf

  • gk110/ir: fix imad sat/hi flag emission for immediate args

  • nv50/ir: fix cutoff for using r63 vs r127 when replacing zero

  • nv50/ir: can’t have predication and immediates

  • glsl: assign varying locations to tess shaders when doing SSO

  • ttn: add TEX2 support

Faith Ekstrand (5):

  • i965/vec4: Use byte offsets for UBO pulls on Sandy Bridge

  • i965/fs: Use a stride of 1 and byte offsets for UBOs

  • i965/vec4: Use a stride of 1 and byte offsets for UBOs

  • i965/state: Get rid of dword_pitch arguments to buffer functions

  • i965/nir: Remove unused indirect handling

Jonathan Gray (2):

  • use pkg-config for libelf

  • configure: check for python2.7 for PYTHON2

Kenneth Graunke (2):

  • i965: Fix fragment shader struct inputs.

  • i965: Fix scalar vertex shader struct outputs.

Marek Olšák (8):

  • radeonsi: fix occlusion queries on Fiji

  • radeonsi: fix a hang due to uninitialized border color registers

  • radeonsi: fix Fiji for LLVM <= 3.7

  • radeonsi: don’t call of u_prims_for_vertices for patches and rectangles

  • radeonsi: apply the streamout workaround to Fiji as well

  • gallium/radeon: fix Hyper-Z hangs by programming PA_SC_MODE_CNTL_1 correctly

  • tgsi/scan: add flag colors_written

  • r600g: write all MRTs only if there is exactly one output (fixes a hang)

Matt Turner (1):

  • glsl: Allow binding of image variables with 420pack.

Neil Roberts (2):

  • i965: Add MESA_FORMAT_B8G8R8X8_SRGB to brw_format_for_mesa_format

  • i965: Add B8G8R8X8_SRGB to the alpha format override

Oded Gabbay (1):

  • fix test for SSE4.1 assembler support

Patrick Rudolph (2):

  • nv50,nvc0: fix use-after-free when vertex buffers are unbound

  • gallium/util: return correct number of bound vertex buffers

Samuel Pitoiset (1):

  • nvc0: free memory allocated by the prog which reads MP perf counters

Tapani Pälli (1):

  • i965: use _Shader to get fragment program when updating surface state

Tom Stellard (2):

  • radeonsi: Rename si_shader::ls_rsrc{1,2} to si_shader::rsrc{1,2}

  • radeonsi/compute: Use the compiler’s COMPUTE_PGM_RSRC* register values