The Asahi driver aims to provide an OpenGL implementation for the Apple M1.

Testing on macOS

On macOS, the experimental Asahi driver may built with options:

-Dosmesa=true -Dglx=xlib -Dgallium-drivers=asahi,swrast

To use, set the DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable:

DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH=/Users/nobody/mesa/build/src/gallium/targets/libgl-xlib/ glmark2 –reuse-context

Only X11 apps are supported. XQuartz must be setup separately.

Wrap (macOS only)

Mesa includes a library that wraps the key IOKit entrypoints used in the macOS UABI for AGX. The wrapped routines print information about the kernel calls made and dump work submitted to the GPU using agxdecode.

This library allows debugging Mesa, particularly around the undocumented macOS user-kernel interface. Logs from Mesa may compared to Metal to check that the UABI is being used correcrly.

Furthermore, it allows reverse-engineering the hardware, as glue to get at the “interesting” GPU memory.

The library is only built if -Dtools=asahi is passed. It builds a single wrap.dylib file, which should be inserted into a process with the DYLD_INSERT_LIBRARIES environment variable.

For example, to trace an app ./app, run:

DYLD_INSERT_LIBRARIES=~/mesa/build/src/asahi/lib/libwrap.dylib ./app