Mesa 13.0.6 Release Notes / March 20, 2017

Mesa 13.0.6 is a bug fix release which fixes bugs found since the 13.0.5 release.

Mesa 13.0.6 implements the OpenGL 4.4 API, but the version reported by glGetString(GL_VERSION) or glGetIntegerv(GL_MAJOR_VERSION) / glGetIntegerv(GL_MINOR_VERSION) depends on the particular driver being used. Some drivers don’t support all the features required in OpenGL 4.4. OpenGL 4.4 is only available if requested at context creation because compatibility contexts are not supported.

SHA256 checksums

1076590f29103f022a2cd87e6dff6ae77072013745603d06b0410c373ab2bb1a  mesa-13.0.6.tar.gz
29ef104a7fc082d352b1599bd6cb1d040be424ccd22f5e0eb7ee9b0e9acd3597  mesa-13.0.6.tar.xz

New features


Bug fixes

  • Bug 68504 - 9.2-rc1 workaround for clover build failure on ppc/altivec: cannot convert ‘bool’ to ‘__vector(4) __bool int’ in return

  • Bug 97102 - [dri][swr] stack overflow / infinite loop with GALLIUM_DRIVER=swr

  • Bug 98869 - Electronic Super Joy graphic artefacts (regression,bisected)

  • Bug 99401 - [g33] regression: piglit.spec.!opengl

  • Bug 99456 - Firefox crashing when opening about:support with WebGL2 enabled

  • Bug 99677 - heap-use-after-free in glsl

  • Bug 99715 - Don’t print: “Note: Buggy applications may crash, if they do please report to vendor”

  • Bug 99850 - Tessellation bug on Carrizo

  • Bug 100049 - “ralloc: Make sure ralloc() allocations match malloc()’s alignment.” causes seg fault in 32bit build


Alex Smith (2):

  • radv: Emit pending flushes before executing a secondary command buffer

  • radv: Flush before copying with PKT3_WRITE_DATA in CmdUpdateBuffer

Bartosz Tomczyk (1):

  • glsl: fix heap-buffer-overflow

Bas Nieuwenhuizen (8):

  • radv: Pass CMASK alignment to application.

  • radv: Pass DCC alignment to application.

  • radv: Never try to create more than max_sets descriptor sets.

  • radv: Reset emitted compute pipeline when calling secondary cmd buffer.

  • radv: Only use PKT3_OCCLUSION_QUERY when it doesn’t hang.

  • radv: Use correct size for availability flag.

  • radv: Disable HTILE for textures with multiple layers/levels.

  • radv: Emit cache flushes before CP DMA.

Ben Crocker (3):

  • gallivm: Improve debug output (V2)

  • gallivm: Override getHostCPUName() “generic” w/ “pwr8” (v4)

  • gallivm: Reenable PPC VSX (v3)

Brendan King (1):

  • egl/dri3: implement query surface hook

Bruce Cherniak (1):

  • swr: Prune empty nodes in CalculateProcessorTopology.

Connor Abbott (1):

  • anv: fix Get*MemoryRequirements for !LLC

Dave Airlie (13):

  • radv: program a default point size.

  • radv: handle transfer_write as a dst flag.

  • radv/ac: handle nir irem opcode.

  • radv/ac: implement txs for buffer textures.

  • radv/ac: correctly size shared memory usage.

  • radv/ac: avoid the fmask path when doing txs.

  • radv: pass FMASK alignment to application

  • tgsi: fix memory leak in tgsi sanity check

  • radv: fix depth format in blit2d.

  • radv: fix txs for sampler buffers

  • radv: drop Z24 support.

  • radv: disable mip point pre clamping.

  • radv: setup llvm target data layout

Emil Velikov (6):

  • docs: add sha256 checksums for 13.0.5

  • Revert “ Require explicit “13.0” for nominating stable patches”

  • cherry-ignore: don’t pick nir_op_pack_double optimisation fix

  • i965: move brw_define.h ifndef guard to the top

  • cherry-ignore: add ANV fast clears related fixes

  • Update version to 13.0.6

Fredrik Höglund (2):

  • radv: fix the dynamic buffer index in vkCmdBindDescriptorSets

  • radv/ac: fix multiple descriptor sets with dynamic buffers

George Kyriazis (1):

  • swr: Align query results allocation

Grazvydas Ignotas (3):

  • r300g: only allow byteswapped formats on big endian

  • gallium/u_queue: fix a crash with atexit handlers

  • gallium/u_queue: set num_threads correctly if not all threads start

Gregory Hainaut (1):

  • glapi: fix typo in count_scale

Ian Romanick (1):

  • mesa: Don’t advertise GL_OES_read_format in core profile

Ilia Mirkin (8):

  • nvc0: increase number of ubo binding points

  • nvc0/ir: fix robustness guarantees for constbuf loads on kepler+ compute

  • nvc0/ir: fix ubo max clamp, reset file index

  • gm107/ir: fix address offset bitfield for ATOMS

  • nvc0: set the render condition in the compute object

  • st/mesa: don’t pass compare mode for stencil-sampled textures

  • nvc0: take extra pushbuf space into account for pushbuf_space calls

  • nvc0: increase alignment to 256 for texture buffers on fermi

Jacob Lifshay (1):

  • vulkan/wsi: Improve the DRI3 error message

Faith Ekstrand (11):

  • i965: Use a better guardband calculation.

  • intel/blorp: Swizzle clear colors on the CPU

  • i965/fs: Remove the inline pack_double_2x32 optimization

  • anv: Add an invalidate_range helper

  • anv/query: clflush the bo map on non-LLC platforms

  • genxml: Make MI_STORE_DATA_IMM more consistent

  • anv/query: Perform CmdResetQueryPool on the GPU

  • blorp/exec: Use uint32_t for copying varying data

  • intel/blorp: Explicitly flush all allocated state

  • anv: Accurately advertise dynamic descriptor limits

  • anv: Properly handle destroying NULL devices and instances

Jonas Pfeil (1):

  • ralloc: Make sure ralloc() allocations match malloc()’s alignment.

Jose Maria Casanova Crespo (1):

  • glsl: non-last member unsized array on SSBO must fail compilation on GLSL ES 3.1

Kenneth Graunke (7):

  • i965: Fix fast depth clears for surfaces with a dimension of 16384.

  • i965: Use a UW source type for CS_OPCODE_CS_TERMINATE.

  • i965: Fix check for negative pitch in can_do_fast_copy_blit().

  • i965: Support the force_glsl_version driconf option.

  • i965: Combine the Gen6 SF and Clip viewport atoms.

  • mesa: Do (TCS && !TES) draw time validation in ES as well.

  • egl: Ensure ResetNotificationStrategy matches for shared contexts.

Lionel Landwerlin (3):

  • spirv: don’t assert with location decorations on non i/o variables

  • anv: wsi: report presentation error per image request

  • i965/fs: fix uninitialized memory access

Marc Di Luzio (1):

  • glsl: correct compute shader checks for memoryBarrier functions

Marek Olšák (10):

  • st/mesa: destroy pipe_context before destroying st_context (v2)

  • radeonsi: don’t invoke DCC decompression in update_all_texture_descriptors

  • radeonsi: fix UNSIGNED_BYTE index buffer fallback with non-zero start (v2)

  • gallium/util: remove unused u_index_modify helpers

  • gallium/u_index_modify: don’t add PIPE_TRANSFER_UNSYNCHRONIZED unconditionally

  • gallium/u_queue: fix random crashes when the app calls exit()

  • st/mesa: reset sample_mask, min_sample, and render_condition for PBO ops

  • st/mesa: set blend state for PBO readbacks

  • radeonsi: fix broken tessellation on Carrizo and Stoney

  • radeonsi: mark all bound shader buffer ranges as initialized

Matt Turner (1):

  • clover: Work around build failure with AltiVec.

Nicolai Hähnle (12):

  • mesa/main: fix meta caller of _mesa_ClampColor

  • radeonsi: fix texture gather on stencil textures

  • glsl: split DIV_TO_MUL_RCP into single- and double-precision flags

  • glx/dri3: handle NULL pointers in loader-to-DRI3 drawable conversion

  • glx/dri3: guard in_current_context against a disappeared drawable

  • glx: guard swap-interval functions against destroyed drawables

  • dri/common: clear the loaderPrivate pointer in driDestroyDrawable

  • winsys/amdgpu: reduce max_alloc_size based on GTT limits

  • radeonsi: handle MultiDrawIndirect in si_get_draw_start_count

  • radeonsi: fix UINT/SINT clamping for 10-bit formats on <= CIK

  • st/glsl_to_tgsi: avoid iterating past the head of the instruction list

  • st/mesa: inform the driver of framebuffer changes before compute dispatches

Samuel Iglesias Gonsálvez (6):

  • glsl: fix heap-use-after-free in ast_declarator_list::hir()

  • i965/fs: mark last DF uniform array element as 64 bit live one

  • i965/fs: detect different bit size accesses to uniforms to push them in proper locations

  • i965/fs: fix indirect load DF uniforms on BSW/BXT

  • i965/fs: fix source type when emitting MOV_INDIRECT to read ICP handles

  • i965/fs: emit MOV_INDIRECT with the source with the right register type

Samuel Pitoiset (1):

  • winsys/amdgpu: avoid potential segfault in amdgpu_bo_map()