Mesa 17.1.4 Release Notes / June 30, 2017

Mesa 17.1.4 is a bug fix release which fixes bugs found since the 17.1.3 release.

Mesa 17.1.4 implements the OpenGL 4.5 API, but the version reported by glGetString(GL_VERSION) or glGetIntegerv(GL_MAJOR_VERSION) / glGetIntegerv(GL_MINOR_VERSION) depends on the particular driver being used. Some drivers don’t support all the features required in OpenGL 4.5. OpenGL 4.5 is only available if requested at context creation because compatibility contexts are not supported.

SHA256 checksums

f82fbbdf2dcec0e7e5aa3a8fe4bacd50bf4b7293cc6e1a56658ae6504d732362  mesa-17.1.4.tar.gz
06f3b0e6a28f0d20b7f3391cf67fe89ae98ecd0a686cd545da76557b6cec9cad  mesa-17.1.4.tar.xz

New features


Bug fixes

  • Bug 77240 - khrplatform.h not installed if EGL is disabled

  • Bug 95530 - Stellaris - colored overlay of sectors doesn’t render on i965

  • Bug 96958 - [SKL] Improper rendering in Europa Universalis IV

  • Bug 99467 - [radv] DOOM 2016 + wine. Green screen everywhere (but can be started)

  • Bug 101071 - compiling glsl fails with undefined reference to `pthread_create’

  • Bug 101252 - eglGetDisplay() is not thread safe

  • Bug 101294 - radeonsi minecraft forge splash freeze since 17.1

  • Bug 101451 - [G33] ES2-CTS.functional.clipping.polygon regression


Alex Deucher (1):

  • radeonsi: add new polaris12 pci id

Andres Gomez (3):

  • cherry-ignore: 17.1.4 rejected commits

  • cherry-ignore: bin/ better identify multiple “fixes:” tags

  • Update version to 17.1.4

Anuj Phogat (2):

  • i965: Add and initialize l3_banks field for gen7+

  • i965: Fix broxton 2x6 l3 config

Ben Crocker (1):

  • egl_dri2: swrastGetDrawableInfo: set *x, [v2]

Brian Paul (2):

  • svga: check return value from svga_set_shader( SVGA3D_SHADERTYPE_GS, NULL)

  • gallium/vbuf: avoid segfault when we get invalid glDrawRangeElements()

Chad Versace (1):

  • egl/android: Change order of EGLConfig generation (v2)

Chandu Babu N (1):

  • change va max_entrypoints

Charmaine Lee (1):

  • svga: use the winsys interface to invalidate surface

Emil Velikov (3):

  • docs: add sha256 checksums for 17.1.3

  • add -pthread to PTHREAD_LIBS

  • radeonsi: include ac_binary.h for struct ac_shader_binary

Eric Engestrom (3):

  • egl: properly count configs

  • egl/display: only detect the platform once

  • egl/display: make platform detection thread-safe

Eric Le Bihan (1):

  • Fix khrplatform.h not installed if EGL is disabled.

Iago Toral Quiroga (1):

  • i965: update MaxTextureRectSize to match PRMs and comply with OpenGL 4.1+

Ilia Mirkin (2):

  • nv50/ir: fetch indirect sources BEFORE the op that uses them

  • nv50/ir: fix combineLd/St to update existing records as necessary

Faith Ekstrand (10):

  • i965: Flush around state base address

  • i965: Take a uint64_t immediate in emit_pipe_control_write

  • i965: Unify the two emit_pipe_control functions

  • i965: Do an end-of-pipe sync prior to STATE_BASE_ADDRESS

  • i965/blorp: Do an end-of-pipe sync around CCS ops

  • i965: Do an end-of-pipe sync after flushes

  • i965: Disable the interleaved vertex optimization when instancing

  • i965: Set step_rate = 0 for interleaved vertex buffers

  • spirv: Work around the Doom shader bug

  • i965: Clamp clear colors to the representable range

Jonas Kulla (1):

  • anv: Fix L3 cache programming on Bay Trail

Kenneth Graunke (1):

  • i965: Ignore anisotropic filtering in nearest mode.

Lucas Stach (7):

  • etnaviv: don’t try RS blit if blit region is unaligned

  • etnaviv: use padded width/height for resource copies

  • etnaviv: remove bogus assert

  • etnaviv: replace translate_clear_color with util_pack_color

  • etnaviv: mask correct channel for RB swapped rendertargets

  • etnaviv: advertise correct max LOD bias

  • etnaviv: only flush resource to self if no scanout buffer exists

Marek Olšák (4):

  • winsys/amdgpu: fix a deadlock when waiting for submission_in_progress

  • mesa: flush vertices before changing viewports

  • mesa: flush vertices before updating ctx->_Shader

  • st/mesa: fix pipe_rasterizer_state::scissor with multiple viewports

Michel Dänzer (1):

  • gallium/util: Break recursion in pipe_resource_reference

Nicolai Hähnle (2):

  • gallium/radeon/gfx9: fix PBO texture uploads to compressed textures

  • amd/common: fix off-by-one in

Pierre Moreau (1):

  • nv50/ir: Properly fold constants in SPLIT operation

Rob Herring (1):

  • Android: major/minor/makedev live in <sys/sysmacros.h>

Topi Pohjolainen (2):

  • i965: Add an end-of-pipe sync helper

  • i965/gen4: Set depth offset when there is stencil attachment only

Ville Syrjälä (2):

  • i915: Fix gl_Fragcoord interpolation

  • i915: Fix wpos_tex vs. -1 comparison