To build Rusticl you need to satisfy the following build dependencies:

  • rustc

  • rustfmt (highly recommended, but only required for CI builds or when authoring patches)

  • bindgen

  • LLVM built with libclc and -DLLVM_ENABLE_DUMP=ON.

  • SPIRV-Tools

  • SPIRV-LLVM-Translator for a matching your version of LLVM, i.e. if you’re using LLVM 15 (, then you need a

The minimum versions to build Rusticl are:

  • Rust: 1.59

  • Meson: 1.0.0

  • Bindgen: 0.58.0

  • LLVM: 11.0.0 (recommended: 15.0.0)

  • SPIRV-Tools: any version (recommended: v2022.3)

Afterwards you only need to add -Dgallium-rusticl=true -Dllvm=enabled -Drust_std=2021 to your build options.

Most of the code related to Mesa’s C code lives inside /mesa, with the occasional use of enums, structs or constants through the code base.

If you need help ping karolherbst either in #dri-devel or #rusticl on OFTC.

Also, make sure that before submitting code to verify the formatting is in order. That can easily be done via git ls-files */{lib,app}.rs | xargs rustfmt

When submitting Merge Requests or filing bugs related to Rusticl, make sure to add the Rusticl label so people subscribed to that Label get pinged.

Known issues

One issue you might come across is, that the Rust edition meson sets is not right. This is a known meson bug and in order to fix it, simply run meson configure $your_build_dir -Drust_std=2021