GL Shading Language. The official, common high-level shader language used in GL 2.0 and above.


This term is used as the name of the “3rd coordinate” of a resource. 3D textures have zslices, cube maps have faces, 1D and 2D array textures have array members (other resources do not have multiple layers). Since the functions only take one parameter no matter what type of resource is used, use the term “layer” instead of a resource type specific one.


Level of Detail. Also spelled “LoD”. The value that determines when the switches between mipmaps occur during texture sampling.


Multi-Sampled Anti-Aliasing. A basic anti-aliasing technique that takes multiple samples of the depth buffer, and uses this information to smooth the edges of polygons.


Non-power-of-two. Usually applied to textures which have at least one dimension which is not a power of two.


Transform, Clipping, & Lighting. The three stages of preparation in a rasterizing pipeline prior to the actual rasterization of vertices into fragments.