Compressed texture supportΒΆ

In the driver, Panfrost supports ASTC, ETC, and all BCn formats (e.g. RGTC, S3TC, etc.) However, Panfrost depends on the hardware to support these formats efficiently. All supported Mali architectures support these formats, but not every system-on-chip with a Mali GPU support all these formats. Many lower-end systems lack support for some BCn formats, which can cause problems when playing desktop games with Panfrost. To check whether this issue applies to your system-on-chip, Panfrost includes a panfrost_texfeatures tool to query supported formats.

To use this tool, include the option -Dtools=panfrost when configuring Mesa. Then inside your Mesa build directory, the tool is located at src/panfrost/tools/panfrost_texfeatures. Copy it to your target device, set as executable as necessary, and run on the target device. A table of supported formats will be printed to standard output.