Running traces on a local machine


Running single trace

A simple run to see the output of the trace can be done with

apitrace replay -w name_of_trace.trace

For more information, look into the Apitrace documentation.

For comparing checksums use:

cd piglit/replayer
export PIGLIT_SOURCE_DIR="../"
./ compare trace -d test path/name_of_trace.trace 0 # replace with expected checksum

Simulating CI trace job

Sometimes it’s useful to be able to test traces on your local machine instead of the Mesa CI runner. To simulate the CI environment as closely as possible.

Download the YAML file from your driver’s ci/ directory and then change the path in the YAML file from local proxy or MinIO to the local directory (URL-like format file://)

# The PIGLIT_REPLAY_DEVICE_NAME has to match name in the YAML file.
export PIGLIT_REPLAY_DEVICE_NAME='your_device_name'
export PIGLIT_REPLAY_DESCRIPTION_FILE='path_to_mesa_traces_file.yml'
./piglit run -l verbose --timeout 300 -j10 replay ~/results/

Note: For replaying traces, you may need to allow higher GL and GLSL versions. You can achieve that by setting  MESA_GLSL_VERSION_OVERRIDE and MESA_GL_VERSION_OVERRIDE.