The Zink driver is a Gallium driver that emits Vulkan API calls instead of targeting a specific GPU architecture. This can be used to get full desktop OpenGL support on devices that only support Vulkan.


There’s a few tools that are useful for debugging Zink, like this environment variable:

ZINK_DEBUG Type: flags, Default: ""

Print the NIR form of all shaders to stderr.


Write the binary SPIR-V form of all compiled shaders to a file in the current directory, and print a message with the filename to stderr.


Print the TGSI form of TGSI shaders to stderr.

Vulkan Validation Layers

Another useful tool for debugging is the Vulkan Validation Layers.

The validation layers effectively insert extra checking between Zink and the Vulkan driver, pointing out incorrect usage of the Vulkan API. The layers can be enabled by setting the environment variable VK_INSTANCE_LAYERS to “VK_LAYER_KHRONOS_validation”. You can read more about the Validation Layers in the link above.


In order to make things a bit easier to follow, we have decided to create our own IRC channel. If you’re interested in contributing, or have any technical questions, don’t hesitate to visit #zink on FreeNode and say hi!